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Client satisfaction and quality craftsmanship.

These are our guiding principles.

Sagamore’s unique strengths dovetail with the requirements of New England contractors, engineers and facility managers for precise, thorough work on tight schedules and thin budgets. The Sagamore team’s obsession with customer satisfaction and job quality has enhanced our reputation as one of New England’s most dependable construction subcontractors and system maintenance contractors. Sagamore is known for having the experienced teams and advanced capabilities to handle unusually complex work—both in plumbing and HVAC-for applications such as health care, biotech, pharmaceutical and academic research.

You’re about results. We are, too.

There is little room for error when your stakeholders are depending on the facility’s HVAC and plumbing systems to operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Plumbing construction and maintenance

  • Heating & cooling maintenance, repair and replacement services

  • Design build services

  • Medical gases

  • Process piping

  • Mechanical piping

  • Welding

  • Pipefitting

  • LEED AP certified contractor

  • Emergency service

“At Sagamore there’s a companywide obsession with quality, safety and timelines. It’s just what we need from a subcontractor.”

Matthew Grosshandler, Suffolk Construction Co.


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