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HVAC Installation for Construction

The key to the success of Sagamore’s construction HVAC team lies in a combination of outstanding talent, collective experience, cutting-edge techniques and ample resources. 

Sagamore has been fortunate enough to have been selected to conduct HVAC installations for some of the leading corporations and institutions in their fields: from major hospitals to respected cancer centers, from secure biosafety laboratories to clean research facilities, from some of the largest universities and high schools in New England to select secondary academies, from automobile dealers and cinema complexes to massive “full-experience” retail stores.

Sagamore frames our work approach to reflect our customers’ needs. Our customers know they are working with a sub who understands that our work affects the health and productivity of the building occupants—and who actively assists in exploring the best ways to ensure a building’s HVAC system is the right one, installed the right way.


“Sagamore’s approach is an extremely pro-active mindset toward problem solving and the timely resolution of issues — from mobilization until turnover.”

William F. Held, Jr., Bovis Lend Lease