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How Sick Building Syndrome Affects Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Commercial Facilities



What’s inside

Sick building syndrome (SBS) can be catastrophic for commercial facilities and hospitals. It adversely affects employee performance, worker health, and in healthcare facilities and hospitals, patient outcomes. From an epidemiological standpoint, incidents of sick building syndrome are rising rapidly. What can hospital administrators, healthcare decision makers, and commercial facilities managers do in response? Download our new whitepaper to find out.

The white paper includes information on:

● What causes sick building syndrome
● The effects of building related illness
● Bad indoor air quality: HVAC and plumbing related causes
● Worker productivity losses and costs
● How SBS can affect healthcare
● What LEED Has to Say
● Solutions and Next Steps

Sagamore Plumbing and Heating

There is little room for error when your stakeholders are depending on the facility’s HVAC and plumbing systems to operate smoothly and efficiently. We proudly offer these services: plumbing construction/maintenance, commercial heating & cooling maintenance, commercial HVAC repair and replacement services, design build services, medical gases, process piping, mechanical piping, welding, pipefitting, and refrigeration.

  • Plumbing construction and maintenance
  • Commercial heating & cooling maintenance
  • Commercial HVAC repair and replacement services
  • Design build services
  • Medical gases
  • Process piping
  • Mechanical piping
  • Welding
  • Pipefitting
  • Refrigeration

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Many of New England’s largest commercial builders and most prominent healthcare facilities have turned to Sagamore for our help. We provide expertly-designed and reliably-installed heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems for facilities of all sizes. Our commercial plumbing services also are the most trusted in the region.

Given current demands for energy efficiency, sustainability, and near-zero downtime in competitive environments, we understand the requirements of today’s organizations. We also have the resources and experience to meet these demands head-on.

The experts at Sagamore are available for consultation regarding the air quality of any building. We can also help develop innovative, customized solutions. Schedule an on-site consultation today to discuss your project.