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Plumbing Installation for Construction

Plumbing contractors are often the first to arrive at a project and the last to leave. Sagamore realizes this, and works diligently to set a standard for others to follow. It’s a “professional” approach within a blue-collar industry that sets us apart from the others.

From the beginning, Sagamore’s planners and estimators pride themselves on accuracy while looking for ways to reduce project costs for owners and developers. Our CAD team takes this further by optimizing coordination and off-site fabrication—reducing the number of bodies on a general contractor’s site. In the field, plumbers who have benefited from a comprehensive in-house job and safety training are qualified for every aspect of construction plumbing—including plumbing for medical, laboratory and biohazard gases and fluids. We self-perform all plumbing functions to maximize quality control.

“Sagamore delivers an excellent project at a good price and meets our aggressive schedules.”

Thomas Blesso, Erland Construction