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Sagamore Prides Itself in Being the Commercial Contractor Who Puts Safety, Quality and Deadlines First

Sagamore – Company History

In 1991 Joseph Harold set up a plumbing shop in the 400-square-foot basement of a small office building in Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts.  His mission was relatively simple: to be a contractor that surpassed other plumbing contractors in its commitment to customer satisfaction and to job quality.  The rest, Joseph figured, would take care of itself.

What happened afterward was much more than a typical story of the growth of a company.  Rather, the real Sagamore story is one of the growth of a remarkable team of people – working together to build an organization that would become a leader in its industry.

Unlike the traditional business model of internal growth in parallel with increased revenues, Sagamore grew ahead of itself; pouring resources early into the development of an expert team of professionals who understood and genuinely believed in its founding principles.

After three decades, Sagamore today looks very different from its beginning.  But look deeper and you will see a company that has remained extraordinarily consistent: in philosophy, commitment and work ethic.     

“ I firmly believe that each and every project on which have worked – big or small – has benefited from our continuing quest to completely understand our customers’ needs and to work diligently to meet them.”

Sagamore Team at Construction Site

Highly Trained Commercial Contractors

Thirty years after its founding, Sagamore has expanded into a 25,000-square-foot facility with over 150 team members. Despite the increase in size, our business has sacrificed none of our initial dedication to quality, detail, and education. We mandate continuing education for all of our employees so we’re always equipped to meet the latest plumbing and HVAC standards.

Our apprentices must complete evening courses at our own Sagamore Academy to obtain full licensure. Licensed team members continue to use Sagamore Academy to advance their proficiencies. Our team members are fully certified and expertly proficient in several specialties including:

  • Commercial HVAC replacement and installation.
  • Design-build services with CAD planning.
  • LEED and environmentally sustainable HVAC/plumbing construction.
  • Gas piping.
  • Waste piping.
  • Piping for medical, laboratory, and biohazard gases and fluids.
  • Welding.
  • Industrial plumbing and HVAC maintenance.

Putting Safety First

Sagamore prioritizes safety at every job site. Our team members are OSHA 30 certified and Red Cross trained in first aid and CPR. We ensure that all of our projects are in compliance with the latest health, safety, and environmental laws.

Our teams maintain the perfect balance between timeliness and careful caution. We’re dedicated to completing every project on a prompt timeline, but always include ample room in our scheduling to keep employees, clients, customers, and other contractors safe.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Sagamore’s planners and estimators take pride in their communication skills and attention to detail. We listen carefully to each client’s needs and pride ourselves on our accuracy with every project. We also actively seek out ways to minimize costs for developers and owners and streamline jobs without compromising quality or effectiveness.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Sagamore:

  • Complete satisfaction on what we communicate.
  • One year warranty on craftsmanship.
  • Ontime service & emergency services.
  • Quality workmanship. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Real time communication & commitment to follow through.
  • Customer centric mindset, listening to customers’ needs & personable team members.
  • Honest and ethical behavior & honest communication.
  • Licensed and quality trained technicians

We never lose sight of our clients’ objectives, working alongside each customer to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and timely results. We have a high rate of repeat business due to our steadfast commitment to customer service. Sagamore services customers throughout New England including Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Contact us today to request a quote for your commercial or industrial project.

Health and Safety

At Sagamore, we take safety seriously. Our team members:

  • Are OSHA 30 certified.
  • Complete extensive on-site training programs.
  • Are Red Cross and CPR trained.
  • Maintain full compliance with all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws.

The Sagamore team also is qualified to offer safety inspections.

Sagamore Core Values
• Respect one another
• Achieve your goals
• Be consistent
• Teach and train unselfishly
• Give credit where credit is due
• Honest and ethical behavior
• Put the interest of others before our own
• Be receptive of new ideas, regardless of the origin
Corporate Values
Be the Subcontractor of Choice
• Uncompromising quality
• Unwavering commitment

Be the Company of Choice
• Provide competitive wages
• Maintain high performance standards
• Promote physical safety
• Promote continuous self-improvement
• Provide the best tools and materials

Be the Best Team
• Skilled workforce through teaching and training
• Advancement
• Respect
• High standards of professionalism
• High standards of integrity and ethics

Constant Communication
• Be informed and inform others
• The measure of success is how we deliver

Sagamore Guiding Principles
Fast growth companies are often populated by employees who were part of an acquired company,
recruited from competitors and those entering the industry out of school. In each case, it is
important for Sagamore to immediately establish how it does business. Failure to do so will result in
each employee doing what he or she thinks is best. The resulting behavior may or may not support
the company objectives or fit in with its underlying culture. Therefore, it is imperative that each
employee understands the Guiding Principles and commits to working within the framework provided
by those 10 principles.
The Sagamore Guiding Principles have established a framework for acceptable behavior. They help
every employee understand the priorities of the company. They are the foundation for company
If the Guiding Principles are used and strengthened at all levels of the organization, their use will
result in a better understanding of acceptable behavior while providing clear guidance to employees
when management is not readily available. Building and sustaining an empowered organization is
Sagamore’s most significant challenge. Employees must be empowered to act once they have been
given clear guidance. Sagamore will continue to evolve as a values-driven organization. At its
foundation are positive values which capture the consensus of ownership and the leadership team
on how it wishes to operate.
Full integration and individual commitment to Sagamore’s Guiding Principles is a top priority. Every
employee will understand the importance of the Guiding Principles and how they relate to
acceptable behavior. The Guiding Principles shall be used as a basis for annual performance
evaluations, merit increases, promotions and occasionally for termination from the company
Sagamore Guiding Principles
Customer Satisfaction
We know that our customers must know us, like us and trust us in order to use us exclusively.
Because of that, we are committed to understanding our customers’ expectations 100% of the time.
Quality service at Sagamore is not a goal, it’s a commitment made by every employee as a condition
of employment.
Employee Development
Employees at every level are committed to continuous professional development. The company will
provide a teaching environment while each employee is expected to consistently apply the lessons
learned. Employee job satisfaction, stability and security are core values of the company which are
acquired through continuous growth.
Personal Responsibility and Accountability
Ownership mentality builds great companies. Therefore, if you act like an owner, you will be treated
like an owner. Every employee plays an important role in the success of the company. Our
employees accept personal responsibility for performing at a high level. Because of that, we
recognize that re-work is symptomatic of a greater issue. We expect to be held accountable for our
performance and to hold others accountable without fear of retribution.
Sagamore employees know that the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. Because of that, we
are committed to a code of conduct that strengthens the team. Each member of our team
understands the importance of good communication, selflessness, pride in their company, trust in
each other and the timely resolution of personal and professional conflicts.
Focus on Profitability
Employees at every level within the company understand that profit fuels success. Each of us is
committed to putting forth our maximum effort in pursuit of profitability, one transaction at a time.
We will leverage the synergy between departments and the collective experience of all employees to
achieve company-wide profitability.
Commitment to a Healthy Workplace
Our employees choose to surround themselves with people like themselves who are courteous,
thoughtful, respectful, polite and able to disagree with each other without creating ill will.
Safety of Every Employee
Every great company embraces the philosophy that the safety of its employees is its top priority.
Sagamore employees clearly understand that this principle will not be compromised under any
Employee Participation
Employee empowerment gives Sagamore a strategic advantage over its competitors. Assuming
employee compliance with policies and SOP’s (standard operating procedures), ownership and
management rely on the experience and knowledge of our personnel to achieve a greater degree of
innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction.
Real-Time Communication
Sagamore employees speak up, when things are not going as planned. We don’t assume that
everyone knows what we know. We don’t shoot the messenger bearing bad news. Facts are
friendly and the need for good information is important. We know that the appropriate response to
problems creates opportunities for improvement.
Ethics and Integrity
Our employees must believe in our organization. Ownership and management are committed to
earning and sustaining the trust of our workforce. Ethics and personal integrity are the cornerstones
of the employer/employee relationship. If an employee is unhappy with a situation, he or she is
expected to speak up and constructively deal with the issue
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