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Be a Part of the Sagamore Team

Sagamore is a company like few others. We recognize that to be the best in our industry we must attract and retain the best—not just the best individuals, but the best members of a team.

Sagamore’s management firmly believes that every employee contributes directly to each project as well as to the success of the company. By becoming an employee you join an organization with a reputation for service, quality workmanship and dedication to the industry. Our field employees receive continuing education, by experienced teaching professionals, at our headquarters.

All employment processing takes place at our Corporate Office in Hingham. Applicants who forward a resume for consideration and whose background appears to meet the requirements of an open position will be contacted for an interview.

Project Manager
Sagamore is seeking Project Managers to manage all aspects of mechanical projects for our institutional, educational and commercial clients. These projects ranging in size from $20,000 to $10 million.
The Project Manager is charged with client satisfaction and field execution on major projects. Having overall responsibility for the success of the project, the PM actively manages the progress, accuracy and execution of the Company’s work within the contract scope, dollar amount and agreed-upon schedule.

  • Becomes thoroughly familiar with estimate and final negotiated price and scope
  • Prepares detailed cost background and presents to Accounting (“puts job into computer,” i.e., cost codes assigned)
  • Purchases all subs and vendors equal to or less than presented in cost code breakdown
  • Schedules project in accordance with GC’s initial construction schedule and estimate
  • Works with Coordination Department to complete the coordination drawings and pre-fab process
  • Actively manages the progress, accuracy and execution of work within the contract scope, dollar amount and agreed schedule.
  • Documents all deviation in schedule and changes in scope. Presents accurate and timely cost impact pricing to GC for all such changes.
  • Insures that GC is in agreement with all changes and produces necessary change order paperwork.
  • Submits monthly requisitions and approves sub and vendor invoices. Close out project in a timely manner in accordance with the contract document.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Self-motivated and flexible team player that isn’t afraid to ask for help.
  • Positive attitude
  • Deadline driven
  • Can handle and prioritize multiple projects in fast-paced environment
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Familiar with Sage software a plus
  • Bluebeam
  • Strong written, verbal, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Degree in Constructions Management (related field) or relevant experience
  • 4-7 experience with managing all aspects of a mechanical project.
Assistant Project Manager
Sagamore is seeking an Assistant Project Manager to support Project Managers on the overall performance of construction HVAC and plumbing projects for our institutional, educational, and commercial clients. These projects can range in size from $20,000 to $10 million.

Working under the supervision of a Project Manager the Assistant Project Manager will:

  • Assist in preparation of project documentation (i.e. RFI’s, submittals, change orders)
  • Assemble project closeout documentation (operation and maintenance manuals)
  • Assist project managers with weekly job labor hour projection analysis
  • Set-up new project files
  • Scan and copy project plans
  • Review project costs, compare estimated quantities to actual quantities
  • Print job related reports
  • Visit project sites
  • Be a point of contact for vendors/suppliers

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Self-motivated and flexible team player that isn’t afraid to ask for help
  • Positive attitude
  • Deadline driven
  • Can handle and prioritize multiple projects in fast-paced environment
  • Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Familiar with Sage software a plus
  • Strong written, verbal, analytical, and interpersonal skills
  • Degree in Construction Management or relevant experience
Seeking an experienced Plumber – contact Sagamore today now for more information!
Seeking an experienced Pipefitter – contact Sagamore today now for more information!
Service Technician
Seeking an experienced Service Technician – contact Sagamore today now for more information!

Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Wage Program
  • Health Insurance with Prescription Drug
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance, AD&D
  • Short & Long Term Disability Income Plans
  • 401k Retirement Plan with specified employer match
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • Sick Leave
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent Care Account (DCA)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Apprentice Training Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Direct Deposit

Sagamore’s Guiding Principals

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Development
  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Focus on Profitability
  • Commitment to a Healthy Workplace
  • Safety of Every Employee
  • Employee Participation
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Ethics and Integrity
Sagamore Core Values
• Respect one another
• Achieve your goals
• Be consistent
• Teach and train unselfishly
• Give credit where credit is due
• Honest and ethical behavior
• Put the interest of others before our own
• Be receptive of new ideas, regardless of the origin
Corporate Values
Be the Subcontractor of Choice
• Uncompromising quality
• Unwavering commitment

Be the Company of Choice
• Provide competitive wages
• Maintain high performance standards
• Promote physical safety
• Promote continuous self-improvement
• Provide the best tools and materials

Be the Best Team
• Skilled workforce through teaching and training
• Advancement
• Respect
• High standards of professionalism
• High standards of integrity and ethics

Constant Communication
• Be informed and inform others
• The measure of success is how we deliver

Sagamore Guiding Principles
Fast growth companies are often populated by employees who were part of an acquired company,
recruited from competitors and those entering the industry out of school. In each case, it is
important for Sagamore to immediately establish how it does business. Failure to do so will result in
each employee doing what he or she thinks is best. The resulting behavior may or may not support
the company objectives or fit in with its underlying culture. Therefore, it is imperative that each
employee understands the Guiding Principles and commits to working within the framework provided
by those 10 principles.
The Sagamore Guiding Principles have established a framework for acceptable behavior. They help
every employee understand the priorities of the company. They are the foundation for company
If the Guiding Principles are used and strengthened at all levels of the organization, their use will
result in a better understanding of acceptable behavior while providing clear guidance to employees
when management is not readily available. Building and sustaining an empowered organization is
Sagamore’s most significant challenge. Employees must be empowered to act once they have been
given clear guidance. Sagamore will continue to evolve as a values-driven organization. At its
foundation are positive values which capture the consensus of ownership and the leadership team
on how it wishes to operate.
Full integration and individual commitment to Sagamore’s Guiding Principles is a top priority. Every
employee will understand the importance of the Guiding Principles and how they relate to
acceptable behavior. The Guiding Principles shall be used as a basis for annual performance
evaluations, merit increases, promotions and occasionally for termination from the company
Sagamore Guiding Principles
Customer Satisfaction
We know that our customers must know us, like us and trust us in order to use us exclusively.
Because of that, we are committed to understanding our customers’ expectations 100% of the time.
Quality service at Sagamore is not a goal, it’s a commitment made by every employee as a condition
of employment.
Employee Development
Employees at every level are committed to continuous professional development. The company will
provide a teaching environment while each employee is expected to consistently apply the lessons
learned. Employee job satisfaction, stability and security are core values of the company which are
acquired through continuous growth.
Personal Responsibility and Accountability
Ownership mentality builds great companies. Therefore, if you act like an owner, you will be treated
like an owner. Every employee plays an important role in the success of the company. Our
employees accept personal responsibility for performing at a high level. Because of that, we
recognize that re-work is symptomatic of a greater issue. We expect to be held accountable for our
performance and to hold others accountable without fear of retribution.
Sagamore employees know that the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. Because of that, we
are committed to a code of conduct that strengthens the team. Each member of our team
understands the importance of good communication, selflessness, pride in their company, trust in
each other and the timely resolution of personal and professional conflicts.
Focus on Profitability
Employees at every level within the company understand that profit fuels success. Each of us is
committed to putting forth our maximum effort in pursuit of profitability, one transaction at a time.
We will leverage the synergy between departments and the collective experience of all employees to
achieve company-wide profitability.
Commitment to a Healthy Workplace
Our employees choose to surround themselves with people like themselves who are courteous,
thoughtful, respectful, polite and able to disagree with each other without creating ill will.
Safety of Every Employee
Every great company embraces the philosophy that the safety of its employees is its top priority.
Sagamore employees clearly understand that this principle will not be compromised under any
Employee Participation
Employee empowerment gives Sagamore a strategic advantage over its competitors. Assuming
employee compliance with policies and SOP’s (standard operating procedures), ownership and
management rely on the experience and knowledge of our personnel to achieve a greater degree of
innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction.
Real-Time Communication
Sagamore employees speak up, when things are not going as planned. We don’t assume that
everyone knows what we know. We don’t shoot the messenger bearing bad news. Facts are
friendly and the need for good information is important. We know that the appropriate response to
problems creates opportunities for improvement.
Ethics and Integrity
Our employees must believe in our organization. Ownership and management are committed to
earning and sustaining the trust of our workforce. Ethics and personal integrity are the cornerstones
of the employer/employee relationship. If an employee is unhappy with a situation, he or she is
expected to speak up and constructively deal with the issue

Brian Campbell - Project Manager

I have been with Sagamore Plumbing for over 25 years. When I first started with the company, I was looking for stability and a solid 40-hour work week. Over the years Sagamore has afforded me the opportunity to grow within the company. I first started out with a service technician position, then to a foreman role, and over the years I was given the opportunity to transition into the office with a service sales position. I currently work as a project manager with in the company. This is the true example of what Sagamore offers if you put in the hard work, dedication, and want to advance within the company. The opportunities are there!

Brenden Deady - HVAC Apprentice

Sagamore is a company that hired me with no experience and since then I have come a long way. I’ve learned a lot while working with a great group of people and I’m thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to work at Sagamore.

Brian O’Hare - Service Tech

Being a former owner, I’ve always admired the success of Sagamore. When the opportunity came, my decision was an easy one. I wanted to be part of that success. The work ethic from top to bottom is second to none. Everyone shows up to work friendly, with the same objective: getting the job done properly and on time. Communication is excellent, on and off the job.

David Blois - QA/QC Director

I have been with Sagamore for 26 years. Sagamore has provided me with financial stability and the opportunity for growth and advancement. Sagamore also provides incentive opportunities through profit sharing and an excellent benefits package. Additionally, Sagamore’s culture creates a structure that allows for camaraderie and support for all team members within the company.

Michael Guilfoyle - Project Manager

Sagamore offers its employees a friendly atmosphere to work in. They offer each employee the ability to grow and learn while also providing a very competitive wage and benefits package. The company has a policy of allowing everyone to provide input into the company’s current and future goals. The Best part of working at Sagamore is the relationships you form with other employees The flexibility offered to get your work done on your schedule, and not be tied to a specific 8-hour work day. As things in life arise it’s always nice to know you can manage them around a flexible work schedule.

Jennifer Lind - Estimating Coordinator

Sagamore has been a strong mechanical in the industry for 30 years, that provides stability to its employees. The best thing about working at Sagamore is the people!

Maureen Lounge - PR Admin / HR Assistant

Sagamore is a great place to work. You Feel like you are part of a team. You are encouraged to express your ideas. The best thing about Sagamore is the people, everyone helps one another.

Michael Padden - Project Manager

The opportunities to grow as you gain experience in both mechanical and plumbing which makes us better project managers and workers. The best thing about Sagamore is the relationships you build with your coworkers, foreman and customers.

Ron Sullivan - Plumbing Foreman

Ever after being in the trade for 35 years there is always something new to learn at Sagamore. The training is available. We have great coworkers that I would work with anytime. I have been working here for 26 years and there are good days and bad days. All in all, the good days out way the not so good days. I would not change anything. I plan on retiring here after 30 years.

Sean Faria - Plumbing Apprentice

Great employees, everyone is willing to cooperate with apprentices to share knowledge and experience. You can choose which career path you would like to pursue, pipefitting, plumbing or HVAC, we do it all


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