3 Benefits of Commercial Air Purification in Boston, MA

3 Benefits of Commercial Air Purification in Boston, MA

January 30, 2024

With the various activities that unfold daily within your commercial space in Boston, MA, your indoor air quality is of the utmost importance. Here are three benefits of purifying the air in your commercial space.

1. Gets Rid of Unpleasant Smells

It is possible to experience foul odors, even in expansive, vast, open office spaces. Despite having top-notch ventilation and high ceilings, foul odors happen in commercial buildings. This is where commercial air purifiers come into play.

Managing unpleasant odors is challenging and might negatively affect occupants. Commercial air purifiers help you prevent these disastrous happenings when strategically placed. For the best results, ensure your purifiers are professionally installed.

2. Reduces Chances of Getting Seasonal Flu

Without proper air quality maintenance, your office will be wrought with low productivity and high sick days. The seasonal flu is common during early winter months and late fall as colder temperatures rise. Seasonal flu is more likely to be present in damp, drier indoor environments.

Although a surge of flu cases is normal in winter, implementing effective control measures can lessen its impact. Investing in a commercial air purifier is the best way to deal with this menace. This helps reduce flu viruses and other bacterial and viral particles in the air.

3. Provides a Safer Environment for Employees

Commercial air purification systems reduce airborne contaminants. Creating a safer environment is crucial in your quest for better health and wellness. Commercial air purifiers provide advanced solutions to foster a healthier atmosphere.

They also remove fungi and protists, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases. Photocatalytic air purifiers produce ions that oxidize and break down microorganisms. A constant supply of fresh, clean air fosters a calm and serene atmosphere for everyone in your commercial space.

There are many ways of refreshing your office space. However, nothing works better than improving air quality. For professional commercial indoor air quality services, contact Sagamore today.

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