3 Common Commercial HVAC Problems in Boston, MA During Fall

3 Common Commercial HVAC Problems in Boston, MA During Fall

November 28, 2023

Inevitably, your commercial HVAC system in Boston, MA, will break down once in a while since the system is always busy keeping your workers and clients comfortable. Some problems may go away after repairs, while others may result in a complete replacement. Let’s explore common commercial HVAC problems that occur during the fall.

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causes irritations such as watery eyes, dry throat, running nose, and headaches. If any of your workers or clients suffer from asthma, the contaminants circulating in your business premises can also trigger asthma attacks.

IAQ issues arise when your HVAC system’s filter can no longer clean your indoor air efficiently. The filter fails to clean the air efficiently when it becomes clogged.

Allow a technician to replace your air filter regularly to allow the component to trap pollutants efficiently. You can also research the benefits of an energy recovery ventilator to eliminate stale indoor air.

2. Running Constantly

Your commercial HVAC system should regulate your indoor temperature in cycles. A system that runs without taking breaks consumes more energy and breaks down often, increasing your utility costs.

Your system may sometimes run constantly when the outdoor temperatures are extremely low or high. If it’s not too cold or hot outside and your system runs continuously, it may have a dirty outdoor component, a clogged air filter, or refrigerant leaks. You may also have an undersized unit.

Schedule repair services for all the other issues except an undersized system. You will achieve better results by replacing rather than repairing it.

3. Short Cycling

A short cycling HVAC system doesn’t complete a cycle. Instead, it turns on and off multiple times. Short cycling causes your system to break down often and consume more energy than normal. Refrigerant leaks, thermostat issues, a clogged air filter, and an oversized system are some causes of short cycling.

When your system breaks down, contact Sagamore for professional commercial HVAC services. Our technicians will eliminate all underlying problems.

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