3 Reasons Your Commercial HVAC Filter Is Turning Black

3 Reasons Your Commercial HVAC Filter Is Turning Black

July 13, 2023

As a commercial business owner in Boston, MA, you’re responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your heating and cooling system. One common problem you may encounter is a black air filter. This is something that should be dealt with as soon as possible so it doesn’t pose a hazard to employees or customers. Here are three reasons why your HVAC filter may have changed to black.

1. Too Much Dirt

The most common reason an HVAC filter becomes black is too much dirt in the environment. The dark color can also indicate the presence of soot. Soot can come from anything that burns. The soot and dirt in the environment can affect your ability to breathe and trigger those with allergies.

Changing or replacing the filter is the best way to fix the problem. You should also consider indoor air quality solutions (IAQ) that will boost the building’s IAQ and reduce the effects of volatile organic compounds.

2. Pollutant Buildup

HVAC filters used in commercial buildings are prone to pollutant buildup. Common pollutants include carbon monoxide, lead, and even some smaller particles. As the filter collects those pollutants, they build up on the surface and cause it to become black. If you don’t treat the problem, the system may stop working or cost more to run because it needs to work harder to function. Your best course of action is to reach out to a trusted HVAC company for assistance.

3. Furnace Combustion

If you own a building with an HVAC system that includes a furnace, its combustion can change the filter’s color. This often goes along with a clog somewhere in the system. This clog causes the furnace to produce a black substance that sticks to the filter.

A black filter is a problem, and we’re here to help you resolve it! Contact Sagamore today for superior HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services tailored to your business needs.

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