Preparing Your Commercial Property for an HVAC Installation

3 Tips to Reduce Your New England Building’s Commercial HVAC Costs

November 18, 2021

HVAC expenses and the associated energy costs often can constitute a significant percentage of your New England businesses’ overhead. And that overhead goes right to your bottom line. Here’s how you can manage your building’s commercial HVAC in the Boston, MA area to reduce your commercial HVAC costs.

Tip #1: Plan ahead for Your HVAC Maintenance

One sure way to ensure your commercial HVAC system continues operating at peak efficiency is to schedule regular commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance for it. Planning ahead is essential; take advantage of the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when temperatures are moderate and HVAC services are in relatively lower demand.

The last thing you want to do is wait for a breakdown before you have a professional look at your system. At the end of the day, the cost of having your system services is negligible when you compare it to a potential (and highly preventable) HVAC failure.

Tip #2: Ensure Your HVAC Equipment is Up to Date

If you have an aging commercial HVAC unit, it could be driving your energy costs through the roof. As this equipment ages, its efficiency will progressively depreciate. Ultimately, if you’re running a system that is 10+ years old, this lack of efficiency could be costing your business thousands of dollars.

Aging systems see dramatic increases in electricity usage, and steep declines in heating and cooling efficiency. That means your building’s comfort level will go downward while your costs skyrocket.

Tip #3: Seal Up Your Building’s Ductwork

For older New England buildings, cracked and splitting ductwork is simply a reality. Your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency will flatline as it works double to make up for the leaking airflow. Subsequently, your costs will steadily rise, even if you have recently installed a brand-new, high-efficiency system.

Fortunately, a qualified commercial HVAC contractor will be able to run pressure tests and determine where leaks are happening in your building’s commercial ductwork. Once that assessment is complete, they also will be able to recommend and implement appropriate solutions to address these issues.

Do you need assistance lowering your New England building’s commercial AC and heating costs? Call Sagamore Mechanical today. Our team of qualified commercial HVAC technicians will assess your property and your commercial HVAC equipment to recommend custom cost-saving solutions. To consult with our team, give us a call at 781-531-9466.

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