4 Reasons Why Your Commercial HVAC Is Leaking Refrigerant

4 Reasons Why Your Commercial HVAC Is Leaking Refrigerant

May 15, 2023

Your commercial HVAC is responsible for keeping your Danvers, MA business cool and comfortable for employees and clients alike. However, your system might start losing effectiveness or even stop working if a refrigerant leak occurs. Keep reading to learn four reasons why your commercial HVAC might leak the refrigerant it needs to operate.

1. Factory Defects

Modern commercial HVAC manufacturing maintains a very high product quality rate, but not every piece of hardware turns out perfect. Factory defects might cause refrigerant leaks in your system, regardless of how well they’re installed or maintained. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer warranties, but you do need to abide by the terms and conditions so you don’t void your coverage.

2. Weakening Over Time

Your commercial HVAC works hard throughout the year to keep things comfortable inside your establishment, but that involves a lot of wear and tear. Rubber seals surrounding the service valves can wear down over time, and the connections between the various system components can likewise deteriorate with age. These all have the potential to be sources of refrigerant leaks.

3. Corrosion

The older a commercial HVAC system is, the more likely it is to have copper tubes in the interior coil. These can rust over time, and that results in pinholes and cracks. All of these can let refrigerant leak out.

4. Improper Installation

Factory flaws, corrosion, and aging might not be the issue if the original installation wasn’t done properly. HVAC technicians can make mistakes throughout the very complicated process. Something as simple as flare connections being too tight might result in a big leak of refrigerant that impacts your system performance later in the future.

You might be able to tell your commercial HVAC system is leaking refrigerant, but there can be multiple reasons why it’s happening. Industry professionals can accurately diagnose the specific cause and then repair it. Contact us at Sagamore for top-rated commercial HVAC installation and repair services.

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