5 Signs Your New England Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

5 Signs Your New England Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

July 17, 2021

It’s crucial that you keep your commercial HVAC systems in prime condition so you can maintain a comfortable, fresh, healthy space for your employees, clients, and customers. A malfunctioning heating or cooling system can disrupt productivity, generate complaints, and even damage your inventory and equipment in some environments. Watch out for these common signs of trouble with your New England commercial HVAC system.

Employee Complaints About Comfort

Your employees deserve a comfortable, healthy work environment. If they’re complaining about the temperatures or air quality in your building, you need to schedule HVAC service. Low IAQ can lead to decreased productivity, lower employee and customer satisfaction, and more sick days.

Utility Bills are Inexplicably Rising

If your utility bills are steadily increasing while the weather outside stays relatively consistent, you probably have a developing problem in your HVAC system. The sooner it’s serviced, the easier it is to fix. This repair will immediately start paying you back in the form of lower energy bills.

HVAC Noise Disrupts the Work Environment

Banging, rattling, squealing, and humming can all disrupt employees and customers, creating a tense and troublesome environment. If your HVAC system is excessively noisy, schedule a service call to restore peace and quiet to your commercial space.

Temperatures Are Uneven Throughout the Building

Employees deserve consistent comfort throughout the workspace. Hot and cold spots often indicate the need for an HVAC repair. If some offices or meeting rooms are significantly warmer or cooler than others, HVAC service can help even things out for you.

Humidity is On the Rise

You air conditioner doesn’t just cool the building, it also provides natural dehumidification. If you’ve noticed a humid, stuffy feeling in your commercial space, there’s likely something wrong with the AC system.

New England Commercial HVAC Expertise for Your Business

If you’re in need of Boston, MA commercial HVAC services, contact our technicians at Sagamore now. We offer prompt service appointments to help you get your building back in shape quickly.

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