Effective Ways to Conserve Heat at Your Commercial Business

Effective Ways to Conserve Heat at Your Commercial Business

November 10, 2022

Some commercial buildings in Fall River, MA, struggle with conserving heat. Heat loss costs businesses money and affects employee comfort. Here are several ways heat can escape your commercial building and what to do about it.

Aging Windows and Doors

Any opening can allow heat to escape a building, but windows and doors are the biggest culprits. Older windows and doors aren’t as energy-efficient and lack modern options that prevent heat loss.

It’s possible to remedy this situation and conserve heat by making a couple of simple updates. For example, you can replace single-paned glass windows with thicker double or triple-paned glass. Make sure window frames and doors are airtight, and consider adding insulation.

Weak Building Components

Commercial buildings contain several areas that are susceptible to heat loss. The roof, old siding, and inadequate insulation can deteriorate over time and contribute to a lack of heat.

This can result in holes, cracks, and crevices that allow heat to escape. The best way to prevent this type of loss is to find weak spots and arrange for the necessary repairs to be made.

HVAC System Leaks

Leaky ductwork can allow heat to escape before it reaches the vents. This will decrease the amount of warm air that makes it out of the vents and into your building.

An HVAC technician can determine if your heat loss is due to leaky ductwork or problems with your vents. You can then decide if repairs or replacements are necessary. Every situation is different, and every commercial building has different needs.

Prevention is the Key to Conserve Heat

Heat loss in commercial buildings is a common but avoidable problem. Repairing the necessary components will save your business money and improve employee comfort. Contact the pros at Sagamore to learn more about our high-efficiency HVAC systems and start conserving heat and improving your bottom line.

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