How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect My Commercial Facility In Boston Ma

How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect My Commercial Facility in Boston, MA?

September 28, 2021

Poor indoor air quality in the workplace affects health and morale in Boston, MA. The latest in indoor air quality technology has fixed and addressed a range of issues, but they’re often still apparent when working in subpar conditions. This article covers the possible causes of pollution in a Boston, MA commercial facility and the benefits of rectifying this via air quality improvements.

Indoor Air Quality & the Workplace: The Worldwide Impact

Millions of deaths have occurred worldwide due to poor indoor air quality in workplaces, hospitals and schools. Poor indoor air quality not only affects the health of your workers, but their productivity as well.

What Is Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor pollution generally consists of small, microscopic particles in the air that are harmful when taken in by the lungs in large quantities. This can cause health issues like headaches, difficulty breathing, a dry nose or throat and a loss of concentration. These health issues can cause a drop in productivity and an increase in sick time taken.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

There are several causes of indoor air pollution. These can be biological hazards like CO2 produced by breathing, germ spores that may cause sickness and others. Other sources include chemicals used on the job site, building materials and cleaning products.

Sick Building Syndrome

There’s a name for all this indoor air pollution: sick building syndrome. This causes the health symptoms listed above, as well as neurological problems like anxiety or mass hysteria. This is a growing workplace hazard that is a serious concern.

New England’s Commercial Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Certain technologies, like air purification systems and dehumidifiers, can help to improve indoor air quality. An increase in ventilation will help airflow and reduce symptoms as well.

Ready to reap the benefits that better indoor air quality can offer your workplace? Give us a call today at Sagamore, and ask us about our commercial indoor air quality services. We look forward to hearing from you and your team!

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