Office With Low Carbon Footprint

How to Reduce Your Commercial Business’s Carbon Footprint

March 23, 2024

The demand for corporate sustainability comes from consumers and employees. Your commercial business in Boston, MA, needs to follow suit. Brand sustainability practices influence most consumers’ buying decisions, especially younger generations with more discretionary income. There are several ways you can begin reducing your business’s carbon footprint right away so that you can align with these values.

Upgrade the Lighting

Going greener can prove as simple as changing the light bulbs you use in your commercial properties. A lot of energy keeps everything from offices and warehouses to showroom floors and parking lots illuminated. Switching to LED bulbs might reduce your business’s energy consumption by nearly half, and timers and motion sensors mean lighting only activates when needed in applicable areas.

Establish Targets

Aiming for net zero emissions might seem too ambitious, but it can prove possible. Creating a list of reduction targets in that area at least starts reducing your business’s carbon footprint. As your business gets into the regular habit of setting, pursuing and meeting these targets, it becomes more adept at lowering the overall carbon footprint it’s responsible for.

Enjoy More Internal Climate Control

You might already know how indoor air quality can impact the productivity of your workers, but do you know how much current HVAC technology can help you reduce your utility bills and help the planet at the same time? The right control technology lets your teams regulate indoor temperatures based on usage, times and zones. This achieves a great balance between employee comfort, saving your business money and reducing your establishment’s carbon footprint.

Practice Digital Conservation

If your business has a website, choose a hosting company that does carbon offsetting, has energy-efficient equipment and uses renewable energy. Let your staff enjoy a hybrid work model where remote work lets some employees put in their hours at home or elsewhere. Ditch travel that uses fossil fuels for online events and meetings.

Pick Sustainable Suppliers

While you do what you can to reduce your business’s carbon footprint directly, don’t neglect looking into your corporate relationships. Suppliers you rely on for business operations might not be as eco-conscious as you’re becoming. Suppliers with ISO 14001 certifications have proven they use green methods for resource efficiency and diminished waste production.

As you can see, you can explore many ways to lower your business’s carbon footprint. An audit of your current carbon emissions and footprint gives you a starting point to choose greener options. Contact Sagamore for HVAC design-build services if you want your commercial outfit to have more energy-efficient heating and cooling.

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