How to Use Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficiently

How to Use Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficiently

October 31, 2023

Efficient HVAC systems are great under any circumstances, but this is especially true if you’re running a business. Assuming you don’t have the budget or the opportunity to trade in an older system for a newer one, there are still things you can do to get the most out of the system you have. Here are some ways for your business in Boston, MA, to boost HVAC system efficiency.

Schedule Maintenance and Repairs

Many completely avoidable drops in commercial HVAC efficiency come from a hesitation to schedule periodic maintenance and repairs. Declines in system functionality are inevitable over time, so such a decision is extremely unwise. As a result, you will only pay more in utility costs in the long run, and a total breakdown becomes possible at any time, which would make both customers and employees unhappy.

HVAC experts universally recommend scheduling professional maintenance at least once per year. You should be willing to call for repairs as soon as you notice problems like strange noises or sudden drops in efficiency.

Get Smart Thermostats

There’s no reason for your company to remain behind the times and not use the latest technology. Smart thermostats have a wealth of energy-saving features that maximize efficiency and streamline HVAC system use.

Consider Making Some Structural Changes

The very layout and structure of the building where you conduct business could be dragging down your HVAC system’s performance. To the extent that you can do so, you should think about making a few changes to fix this. For example, you may have windows that remain unnecessarily open or insufficient insulation separating sectors of your business location that must stay cold from those that can remain warmer.

A few simple steps meant to increase commercial HVAC efficiency can have a meaningful impact on the bottom line of your business. For help on how to proceed, call Sagamore and ask for our commercial HVAC services.

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